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We are Protech Powder Coating, of Norwich, Norfolk.

Offering Powder Coating to businesses and individuals in Norfolk, Suffolk, East Anglia and beyond.

We are based in the heart of Norfolk and specialise in high quality Architectural Powder Coating for the industry. But we don't just work for businesses - if you, as an individual, have an item that you need Powder Coating, then we will be more than happy to help.

We offer a complete finishing service in both wet paint and powder coatings.

So call us today and put our powder coating services to the test!

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What We Can Offer You

Established for over 30 years and with over 40 years of experience in Powder Coating behind us, we have the experience and the expertise that means you receive a first class service.

We can powder coat Aluminium Conservatories; Control Panels; Architectural Structures; Staircases; Aluminium Fascias; Motor Cycle Chassis, and much, much, more.

Our work is guaranteed high quality, our prices are affordable and we cater for trade clients and individuals throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, East Anglia and beyond.

Call us today and put our powder coating service to the test.

Our Promise To You

We will always use the best equipment and products available to produce the highest quality powder coating results;

We will always provide a price that we believe cannot be beat for the quality of powder coating service we offer;

Our powder coating service is always personal, with expert help and advice always available at the end of the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Powder Coating by Protech Norfolk

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a modern, more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wet painting. As it's name suggests, powder coating is dry. Minute powder particles are applied to a metal object or component using an electrostatic spray process which causes the powder to adhere to the metal surface. After spraying, the component is transferred to a special oven and cured at temperatures up to 200 celsius. This process melts the powder onto the metal creating a smooth, highly finished and durable coating.

What types of metal can Protech Powder Coating, Norfolk, powder coat

What types of metal are suitable for powder coating?

If a metal can endure 200 degrees celsius it is suitable for powder coating, so this includes Iron, Steel, Aluminium and many other types of metal. Powder coating can be used on garden furniture, decorative metalwork, metal gates and railings, car and motorcycle parts, window frames, aluminium flashings, white goods, radiators, metal balconies, spiral staircases and a whole range of industrial and architectural components.

Benefits of Powder Coating by Protech Powder Coating, Norfolk

What are the benefits and advantages of powder coating?

Powder coating produces a thicker, smoother and more durable coating than conventional liquid coatings. The finished product looks great and is less prone to chipping, marking and scratching.

Powder coating can be applied to a wide range of metals and components and is suitable for both internal and external applications. This depends on the type of powder coating used with external uses requiring UV prohibitors.

Powder coating is more efficient than conventional wet painting, because there is virtually no wastage from overspray. Unused powder can be recycled and used again.

Powder coating is faster than traditional wet painting, where the product must dry between coats. With powder coating, the product is oven baked, so there is no need to wait for drying. In some cases the whole process can be completed in half an hour or less.

Greater efficiency and speed means that powder coating is often cheaper than using conventional spray painting techniques.

Powder coating is a more environmentally friendly process than other types of wet painting, producing no hazardous waste, odours or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).